# API: Address Autocomplete

# API Base URL

The base url for the Address Autocomplete API is https://api.uberaddress.io/v1

# GET /autocomplete/address

# Request


# Request Headers

Header Type Description
Authorization string Bearer authentication token. See authentication page for more info.

# Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description
query string Your search query.
string Two letter Country code.

# Response

  "query": "levisohnweg",
  "results": [
      "addressLine": "Levisohnweg, 22081 Hamburg, Germany",
      "city": "Hamburg",
      "country": "Germany",
      "countryCode": "de",
      "houseNumber": null,
      "name": "Levisohnweg",
      "postcode": "22081"



# Response Fields

Field Type Description
query string Your search query
results array
results.*.addressLine string Formatted address line
results.*.city string
results.*.country string
results.*.countryCode string
results.*.houseNumber string
results.*.name string
results.*.postcode string
results.*.state string Present when relevant for addresses in the given country

We'll extend the response attributes in the future to provide more useful infirmation. Please make sure your applicaiton can handle that and ignores the additional attributes when not needed.

# Code Examples

# Supported Countries

Plase refer to Supported Countries to get a full list of all Countries we are currently supporting.